Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Photo Journey ....

I think I have about finished with my fall decor. I say that with tongue in cheek since I'm sure I will continue to move, add and tweak my vignettes!
My Americana Tree has been transformed into a BewitchingTree! I love the color orange, wish I could wear it!

My Longaberger WitchKin has moved into the hanging lantern also in my living room. As you can see by the BIG grin on her face she loves it in there!!

Here is my wise ole Owl. I bought him during the summer and gave him a new paint job. I love him!! He is sitting at the foot of the stairs keeping a keen eye on all that foes on around here ...

 This big old pickle jar is a perfect place for my stray pumpkins, acorns and gourds! There is even a small black crow in there. It looks so cool at night with the candle is flickering inside the jar.

Speaking of night ... this is the back patio in a night time photo shot, you can see my can lanterns we made in one of my craft classes in August.

So, fellow bloggers and lovers of all things fall this is my home as it is today .... tomorrow, who knows!!


  1. Looks Fabulous!!! I love the witch basket in the lantern!!!!!

  2. It looks like FALL around your house. Now I need to try and do MINE :) I wish I had your gift to decorate!