Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Sew Day ... a Birthday ... Such Fun Days

Friday was our monthly sew day and it just was NOT my day! As usual I misplaced a couple of cut fabrics so that made piecing my blocks next to impossible. Then as I plugged along and thought I might actually get a few things accomplished and my sewing machine foot peddle stopped working! Yikes, right in the middle of making a block it just stopped. So now I need to call my repairer dude and see what the problem is.
Rita has been busy working hard on a cute Halloween project, she needed to leave early in order to celebrate her grand daughters birthday at Downtown Disney. After all, quilting is so important but grand kids trump quilts!

Penny is a busy little beaver only taking a quick minute to smile for the camera.

Just one more quick picture of my Orchard House bundle. Isn't the ribbon just yummy??
Bright and early this morning Tanya, Ronna and myself headed south on the Surfliner Amtrak to San Juan Capistrano to celebrate Ronna's 75th birthday.
Here's the girls, track side at the historic Fullerton station. Even though today is the first day of fall no one told mother nature. It was hot and muggy - yuck. But these two didn't let that get them down, we were on a road trip and rearing to go.
This is our train, rolling into the station right on time. We get less then one minute to board the train so there is absolutely no messing around!

Things you see from the train. Is it the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown?? A hot air balloon? No clue, it's floating in a field near El Toro.

Here we are in historical San Juan Capistrano. This is one of the several California Missions settled by Fr. Juanipero Serra along the Camino Real. This mission suffered two damaging earthquakes in it's history. With the assistance of the local Indians the mission was re-built. However, after the second quake the damaged remains were never restored but have stood the test of time as a constant reminder of the missions rich history. Each spring the Swallows return to the mission to have their babies and spend the summer in the warm California climate. By now they are beginning to make their departure plans for South America! They must really love a warm climate to do so much traveling!!
The mission today sits right in the middle of town. The majestic palm trees surrounding the property reach for the sky and set a beautiful back drop for this Southern California landmark. Our restaurant "Cedar Creek Inn" is just across the street and the mission was our view over lunch ... so peaceful.
That darn Ronna looks fabulous for 75 don't you agree? She was wearing stylish blue jeans and accessorised with a very cute ruffled hand bag. Definitely not my grandmothers fashions!!
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ...... This was one BIG piece of cake! It's a coconut cake with cream cheese frosting served warm with vanilla bean ice cream. Oh my goodness it was to die for! We all three ate some and we still left a plate full. If you are ever at a Cedar Creek this is a must have dessert.

Lunch is over, let the shopping begin. This is my favorite antique store, it is just chalk full of treasures. I needed to sit on the floor to get a close up look at all the goodies in this case!

This little 50's glass lantern candy container was so cute. I'm sure it probably sold for 5 cents, unfortunately it was selling for a LOT more the a nickle today! I thought it was a treasure Tanya should have taken home with her.

I love Civil War memorabilia, Tanya and Ronna found an awesome set of small President Lincoln book ends. I loved them, but $95.00 was a bit out of my price range. So sad for me ....

Time to go home, we've eaten, shopped and sweated, now it's time to head for home. Something interesting ... over to the left is and older lady sitting on a small chair. Ronna bought this at the antique store and offered it to this lady to get off her feet. Wasn't that just too kind?

Finally, it's present time! Tanya made Ronna this festive Americana table runner. She did such a great job and Ronna was so pleased to get it.
Well ladies, thanks for a great day. In spite of the warm, muggy weather we had such a good time. Until next time!

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