Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm a Lucky Girl ....

Seventeen years ago I embarked on a new life. Little did I know at that time how richly blessed my life and the lives of my children would become.
I was convinced that after a turbulent marriage and divorce I would never marry again. But, then I met Joe, my very own knight in shining armour. It truly was one of those "God" things the happen in a persons life. We met, dated and were married all within nine months. My two children, mom (who was living with me) my Dalmatian dog and an aloof cat all loved Joe as much as I did. My kids called him Dr. Doolittle, simply because there has never been an animal that doesn't want his attention and that he doesn't love.
Joe was willing, even eager to take a wife, my mom and two teen aged kids into his home. As a widow he was anxious to have life and laughter return to his home. When the kids and I would have an argument, doors would slam etc., I would look at Joe and ask "are you sorry you took this on?" His answer has always been "no."
Joe is not only my spouse, he is my best friend. In these 17 years he has taught me so much about patience, loving unconditionally (that can be so hard) and listening, really listening. Even though he is deaf!
So today, we celebrate our 17th year anniversary. No fancy meals or extravagant gifts. We spent the day together just being comfortable with each other and enjoying the life we have built together. We watched the Angels sweep the Chicago White Sox this afternoon and cheered for our boys. Later we went to McDonald's for an ice cream cone and enjoyed the beauty of the sunset. Life is good, it's peaceful, it's happy. Thanks Joe for 17 fabulous years ....



  2. Congratulations to you both!!!!!! I'm glad you had a wonderful day together!