Saturday, September 15, 2012

Crafts .... part 2!

I have been experimenting with hosting a series of craft classes this fall. Today was class #2, we painted fruits and it was so much fun!
My craft table is prepared and ready for the crafters! Each one will receive a Longaberger Paprika Spoon Rest. These make just the perfect place to rest a dirty paint brush!

The Brazil Nuts are ready for their amazing transformation!

Steps one and two. Paint the bodies red and the bottoms green, let dry.

My little crafters are working like crazy. Barb is working on her lemons ...

Barb's mom, Jewel is my 92 year old job supervisor. She is sharp as a tack and makes a great assistant!

I'm not positive but I believe these are Susan's fingers ... shes giving them a rest after all the painting she's been doing.

Check out those yummy oranges!

Ta Da!! A fresh bag of fruits!! Watermelons, limes and oranges. Just perfect little festive basket fillers. We had a lot of fun chatting, solving the worlds problems, getting a sneak peak of next months Longaberger features, having a healthy lunch and in general just enjoying a sisterhood of women! Hope you can join us in October ....

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