Sunday, September 16, 2012

Such a Lovely Day to Sew ...

Oh what a wonderful day to spend sewing with friends. The weather must have cooled 20 degrees today and it was so lovely! I can actually feel a tinge of fall in the afternoon air ... finally. My very good friend Amy shared an email from a long time friend of hers who was frustrated with her beginning quilters classes being canceled and asked if could help her get started. So today Teri, Tanya and Pam came and we sewed such lovely things.
This is Teri's Halloween table runner, she did such a great job and it's so cute!
Look at her go, Teri is just sewing away like she's been piecing quilts all her life. Lets chat about sewing machines for just a minute. Teri's machine is a Kenmore that her husband bought for her 30 + years ago. It was sewing like a champ.

And Tanya made another table square for her dining room table. I told her no more! She needs to advance to a tougher project!

Now Tanya's machine, its a tough well built Singer Sewing machine built in Great Britain in 1961. This work horse is almost 43 years old. I took it to Aspire Sewing machine repair for a good cleaning and tune up,  now it purrs like a champion, this ole girl has many, many years left in her.

Then we have the NEW computerized Brother Sewing Machine. Pam and I were both about tho throw this monster in the pool. It was having major issues today. Finally I asked my wonderful, patient husband to come over and look at it. So he did. He sat down next to me, I showed him how it starts out fine until you put it back together (I had it apart) after I put in the bobbin I said here is where the problem begins ... he sat watching, waiting for the problem to occur ... nothing happened, it was working perfect! Somehow the stupid computer finally reset itself and the darn thing was working again. So I thanked him for his help and he happily went on his way. After all, I only asked him to LOOK at it and he did.
While I was away at my retreat last week these are the projects I was working on. They are all ready to go to the long arm quilters. I am so excited to get this one done and back in time for my Halloween decorating. I will Post the completed project soon, I hope!!

This is "Cross Roads" Those cute little checkerboards finish at 3/4" ... really small, I'm glad there were only 16 of them to do!
And finally "Red Cross" This is a monthly mini pattern from the Temecula Quilt Co.

So, there it is, another wonderful sewing day under our belts.


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