Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Time with Longaberger ...

With Spring lurking just around the corner I have begun to notice bulb flowers popping up out of the nice warm ground yelling out "it's here, it's here, 
Spring has come at last!" Along with longer days and pretty bulbs the Longaberger Co. has jumped on the Springtime band wagon and introduced their adorable miniature picnic basket collection!
The first of the series in the Spring "Traditional Picnic" style.

You have to admit, it is ADORABLE! And look at all of those amazing colors. They remind me of the confetti that trickled down on my husband and I when we set sail for Alaska. Just happy, happy!     
One of these precious baskets will preview every season. Summer will be next featuring our American Heritage, the Flag of the united states.

 The mini flag picnic basket is modeled after our medium market basket, Dave Longaberger's personal favorite. Top left is the mini for fall woven in the form of our medium gathering basket with a double hinged lid. And finally .... TADA, the Santa Belly style! This will be a holiday favorite creation on a cake basket form. I just love them all!

 It's never to late to become a Collector's Club member. If you would like to join the "club" email me at and I will take care of it for you!! 

Miniatures aren't your thing??? How about one of these...
 These specially woven and antique "aged" baskets are also a specialty available exclusively to Collectors Club members. These have received additional attention to detail with fine sanding and staining to give them a time worn look. 
 Finally a 24 our opportunity to purchase one of these adorable pouring vessels. Available in all seven Woven Traditions colors one of these will look perfect on every dining table or along side your favorite tea cup! These hold 16 oz. providing two perfect cups of tea!

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