Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Getting Caught Up

The house guest has gone, bridal showers are over and I finally have had a chance to finish up my completed quilt projects and a rag rug! In two weeks from tomorrow my cousin from Ohio and my dear friend from Wyoming will be flying in for the wedding festivities so I am busy finishing up projects and getting their rooms ready! This will be my cousins first visit to California and guess what she wants visit??? Disneyland you say .... nope, the beaches!! nope, Hollywood ... and that would also be a no. She is eager to visit the legendary Queen Mary docked in my home town of Long Beach and ... roll the drums .... the Presidential Library of Ronald Regan. Mind you, I live a few miles north of Disneyland and a few miles west of the Nixon Library! Isn't that always the case. So, the ship and the library is where we will go. I think I'll toss in a quick visit to Hollyweird and the beach as well. After all, the Queen is at the beach for heavens sake!!
Now back to my projects. I am very pleased with my completed two toned Drops of Honey ...
The quilter did such a beautiful job on this for me. The grey squares really pop! Somehow I ended up with one additional square so I took advantage of the mistake and made a little pillow! I just love them!!  

 While shopping the many booths at Road to California I found this cute little scrappy thimbles pattern. It was fun and so easy. These are the kind of projects that are fun to do in between the difficult ones.
Perfect little doll quilt size. The rag rug is my second one and I really enjoyed making these. It's the perfect way to use up misc. fabric scraps and put them to good use.  Now I have two new rugs, one in my bathroom and another in the kitchen whoo hoo!!

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