Friday, March 7, 2014

Longaberger and Spring .....

Day light savings is just a day away and Spring will shortly follow! With Spring comes the new Longaberger Spring/Summer 2014 Wish List! Woo Hoo! Tomorrow I will be welcoming my customers into my home to celebrate my Spring Open House and introduce Longaberger's new product line. The older I get it seems the longer it takes for me to get set up for these events! That being said I have spent the last two days getting ready! Holy Moly, with the cleaning, cooking, pricing and decorating this ole girl is pooped!

I love our new Easter Bunnies! This one is the large Hostess bunny. What is so awesome about this bunny is it comes apart in two pieces and will store flat! Now that's a smart bunny.

A basket full of Thank You gifts ...

The ants go marching one by one .....

Two pottery colors have returned ... Tomato Red and Eggplant!

Another ant stealing a cherry!

LOVE this basket for entertaining! It holds it all ... plates, napkins, plastic ware ... nice and tidy!
Tomorrow morning I'll be up bright and early to finish prepping the food, giving my house it's final spit and polish so it shines like to top of the Chrysler building!
Come join me for a wonderful afternoon!

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