Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's a Wonderful Day!

Again, I was up at early thirty and busy getting the final details done for my Longaberger Open House. I made a yummy strawberry salsa, chicken salad sandwiches, Lemon cookies and Kale/Quiona salad. Chased the vacuum cleaner around the house one more time and finished pricing my cash and carry just in time for the gals to arrive. 
So many of my favorite foods .... Garlic Hummus with multi-grain chips oh so delish!!

 Chicken Sandwiches on potato rolls ... so soft!

 My final walk through pricing the cash and carry ...

Quilts, Longaberger Sweaters, cross stitch prints and misc. liners ...
Christmas baskets, pottery, ornaments and a lot of Santa's!

Ho Ho Ho Santa basket fillers!

A little American collection ....

It was a wonderful day with wonderful friends and customers!

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