Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Tiny Bit of Easter!!

With my house guests just a few days away I have been cleaning and sorting and spiffing things up at the homestead. My mind has been wrapped around my daughters wedding for months now and I actually forgot how close Easter is! With it's arrival just weeks away I decided to do a tiny bit of Easter/Spring time decorating. I need to keep it low as we are still shaking here and things are continuing to slip and slide onto the floor!

I have had these blocks for close to 30 years and I still LOVE them. They are out most of the entire year heralding in seasons, parties or a special event. 
A few weeks ago Longaberger was offering a cute, colorful Jelly Bean basket for sale. They were just the perfect size for my two adorable granddaughters. Until I box up there Easter goodies they will be decorating Far Away Grandma's dining room table.

The little two toned pink one is filled with some Longaberger wooden eggs, salt water taffies that I "borrowed" from my husbands candy stash and a Lonaberger fabric square to add a bit of color.

Here is the other one, a cute little purple basket sitting on top of the first of our four miniature picnic baskets.  Love the mini basket colors, absolutely looks like spring!
A close up!!

The whole gang together along with Mr. Bunny hovering over head gives my table just enough to remind me Easter is on it's way.
Spring would not be Spring with out a few burlap Sunflowers now would it?? Hummm, there is something a little dull about burlap but I do love it and the flowers.
Before I sign off for today I just had to share a wedding tid bit. A dear friend of mine delivered her gift to my house for the bride and groom. You have to admit is is so pretty!

"Simply" Beautiful ....

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