Monday, March 31, 2014

A Quilters Dream

I went to sew with my quilting buddies Rita and Penny today. Perfect way to start the week ... especially this week. We are on the final count down to my daughter's wedding and from here forward I will be in full blown wedding duties.
So today as I packed up to go to Rita's lovely home I tossed in my camera. My goal was to take some snaps of her home to share with you her beautiful quilting as well has share her ideas on how to use these beauties. Get a nice cup of tea or a glass of wine and join me as I guide you through her "quilted home!"
Upon entering her home this is one of the first things that captures my eye! A beautiful wrought iron quilt rack chock full of lovely quilts. Through the french doors is the dining room where the three of us make magic!!
I LOVE this piece. This is a quilted piece and it is not small by any stretch of the imagination! Rita framed it and has it hanging in the small hallway going into her kitchen.
This is one corner in her kitchen .... yes, the tiny framed piece hanging above the red box is another framed quilt ...

LOVE this pantry!! It is all enclosed with a darling door that says "Pantry" to provide privacy and a neat and tidy look. She had a bottle of Worcester sauce fall and break from our recent earthquakes we've been experiencing. That is such fun to clean up!
Directly across the pantry is the laundry room. Yes, yes, sh has this adorable thing hanging in her laundry room!! No one sees it but she and her hubby and nosy people like me! She bought this little key rack at the Goodwill cheap. Then she gave it a complete makeover with paint and a quilted insert. Love this too!
A nice corner in the dining room ... a vintage cabinet filled with cheery red dinnerware.
If you follow my blog you may recall that Penny and I presented Rita with this door box for her birthday last December. Never one to follow the rules Rita opted to hang her door box on a shutter in her living room! I think it just looks perfect in here.

On the table below the door box are these adorable little birdies sitting on old spools. I love these and it adds just a perfect touch of Spring!
Oh my, this little nook is just full of quilts and other cozy goodies. Leaving this room we will be heading down the hall towards the bedrooms and Rita's cherished sewing rooms ... yep "rooms" as in two!

I don't know about you but I know I don't have beautiful hand crafted quilts this close to my potty ... Just sayin ...
Room 1 - The piecing palace ....

Room 2 - Rita does her quilting in this space ...
Question for you .... Do you decorate the out side of your doors in your hallway? Rita does, yep, with quilts.
This cute wagon seat is another Goodwill treasure, it is sitting atop an old trunk in front of the master bedroom window.
This little quilt says it all .... Rita found some cross stitched pieces in a family members unfinished goods. Being the creative, clever person she is she cleaned them up and quilted around them. Isn't this a lovely tribute to her loved one ...
In closing I want to share with you this beautiful lunch. Look at all the pretty colors on my plate. Fresh fruits, sweet potato chips and a delicious apple/chicken salad sandwich. Oh my is was GOOD!

And we wouldn't be women without dessert ... tapioca pudding, bunt cake and a cookie. The beautiful cabinet behind my plate is all inlaid wood. It looks quilted doesn't it!!! 

 Now for fun I want you to count all the quilts you see in the pictures and post the number in the comments area at the bottom of this post. If you get the correct number you will win a  ...... QUILT!!


  1. 71? What a beautiful home Rita has!! Thx you for sharing :)

  2. did i win the quilt? Ive been waiting :)