Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shakin, Rattlin and Rollin here in California!

Holy moly it's been quite a shaky 24 hours. Living in Fullerton has given my husband and a front row seat at the most recent earthquake activity in So Cal! It began last night with a small shake ... just enough to remind us we're not in charge. An hour later the earth below us let out a huge sigh and the whole house shook. My collections where flying everywhere. With my "Simplify" sign landing almost at my feet I was abruptly reminded that I have too much "STUFF." Surprisingly I had only two broken items, a Civil War solider who jumped off the wall cabinet lost his head and my Donkey on wheels rolled off the bookcase onto the floor.

He is suffering with two broken legs but with the help of Mr. Elmer he will stand again and resume his duty which reminds us to VOTE!

With broken water mains, shattered windows and crumbling chimneys we are very lucky. All we have to do now is put up with those pesky aftershocks!


  1. I have a good friend spending Spring Break at Venice Beach. Her Facebook posts have kept us updated on her safety - whew! So glad you're okay too!

  2. Thank yo! The news always makes things look worse then they really are. For the most part the home in California are built to withstand earthquakes ... at least to a certain level!!