Sunday, March 16, 2014

Final Bridal Shower ...

As the day of my daughter's wedding rapidly approaches I hosted her final shower. Invited were my long time friends whom have known her over a long period of time. It was such a wonderful day, we shared stories, memories, a delicious meal and of course gifts!
The table is set complete with a menu and a small gift for each guest as a sign of appreciation for joining us.

Some bright yellow tulips provided just the right pop of color!

Tiffany and myself ... she had a trial run of her wedding hair style prior to the luncheon. This however is not it! It has been all pinned up in the back so we don't see the final "do."

The Ladies!

This was one of her gifts that I was attempting to store in my purse for her ... rolled up in the little bad is $$$$$!

Her cake cutting set ....

Ms. G and Pam getting better acquainted!

Tiffany and Ms. G.... AKA Donna
 I had invited Shawn and wanted him to surprise Tiffany at the shower. The plan was he would arrive late and join us for lunch. The surprise was they wouldn't let him off work and he was unable to come. He was so disappointed! For fun I had purchased a fun gift for him to open as well.

Look at that big smile, he is such a happy man!

Isn't this just so cute! He plans on wearing it to his bachelor party. I also gave him some "fun" G String underwear ... I won't be posting a picture of those!

 There was also an empty seat the table. It would have been my mom's (Mimie's) 86th birthday today if she were still living. We all knew and loved her and decided the seat was for her. I know she was there with us in spirit, I could feel her with me all day. She would have been the life of the party .. she always was.

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  1. I thought I was going to need a small or maybe a medium, but all they had was extra small and large. I ordered the extra small, terrified that I was going to have to send it right back but it fit perfectly!