Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's A Beautiful Day ....

My mom and dad came to California in November 1952 and never looked back. They both grew up in Southern Ohio living through harsh snowy, cold winters and sticky miserable humid summers. My dad spent 4 years in the Army and "mustered" out in So. California. He stayed in the state for several months before returning home to marry my mom. After explaining to her that he had no plans of returning to Ohio she agreed and was eager to leave her childhood home. And that they both did. They came to the sunshine state and never left.
After watching the US suffer through more then one polar vortex, piles of snow and icy highways I was grateful mom and dad made the decision they did all those years ago! 
My step son arrived Friday from Virgina to spend his spring break. The first thing he said was "it feels good to be warm, it's been a miserable winter in Virginia." Today, in 80 + degree weather and beautiful clear skies I drove east to present an Origami Owl jewelry bar. It's a beautiful day to be alive I told myself, glad I'm not in Virginia!
The first guest to arrive at the party was Romeo ... yep, that's right I said Romeo! Isn't he just adorable??
He was absolutely everywhere. A favorite spot was under the table cloth batting at my toes. But  like all good things it came to an end. His mommy locked him up in another room before he made a big mess! Got to love those snappy eyes!

 All set up and ready to go! We had a lovely day selecting charms, chains and lockets. Chatting and munching on farm fresh strawberries!

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