Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 2

Meet Roscoe, he is the big rooster the resides in my front yard planter. He is in charge of the yard and he's sure to let everyone who passes by know it! Roscoe is anxiously waiting for the corn to be ripe for picking, he stays very close to keep the mice away from the stalks. However, I think his vision is fading as the corn looks like somethings already been into it! I think his better bet is to eye ball the three big pumpkins sitting close by.
As you can plainly see my love for fall as over flowed into the front yard ... and this is only the beginning!

Since my children have been grown and my grand kids live so far away I really haven't decorated much for Halloween. This year Longaberger has created the cutest decorations for Halloween. The witches hat, posted above is my absolute favorite. Someone in the design team really had their thinking "hat" on when they developed this one. If your interested in purchasing this hat it is available through the end of September. Leave a message at if you would like to place an order.

If you have been in the Collectors Club for any time at all you will remember the Acorn Basket and lid. This year I filled my hurricane from the Pottery Barn with all shapes and sizes of acorns. I placed it on one of my small doll quilts that I pieced in late fall color tones. Right here in one small space are three of my favorite things ... baskets, quilts and decorating.
Stay tuned, the decorating continues ...

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