Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Official, Christmas is Coming ....

   Today was my kick off the holidays open house and it was an awesome day. The picture to the right is a display of many of the Longaberger new holiday baskets and accessories. Including the November Holiday Helper Jingle All the Way basket and the Santa's Belly Tissue set. These two little baskets were a hit, my customers loved them!  My very good friend Penny Hunter offered her services for the day in monitoring the kitchen. She made sure the food was served and the guest were full ... they were very happy. The menu was Cranberry Chicken Salad, Waldorf Salad, Pumpkin Cobbler, assorted chips, Sweet Spiced Iced Tea and of course water.
 This year I converted a portion of my garage to use as my in house Longaberger store. It worked out great! I was able to display almost all of my cash and carry out there. I got everything priced and set up in areas that worked well together. The next few pictures are the "gift shop."

          This is my All American corner. The only thing left is the Longaberger Pie Plate, a lamp and the Flag Rules sign. This was a very popular corner for shoppers!

       And this little space in the room was for sweethearts! EVERY single thing on this table was sold! Yeah!!!  The Sweetheart basket set, a table for two and a set of Botanical Fields  plates and mugs. So many treasures to be had.
       The final space (my laundry room) like you couldn't figure that out! Was set up for Christmas. One lonely little basket and the stocking were left. Down on the floor was a basket full of FREE stuff. Yep, protectors, liners, tie on, and so on, all gone! I also had a basket filled with $1.00 items, most of those were gone too. Everyone left happy, happy. For fun the gals played a search for Longaberger products game and everyone could make and take tree ornaments home. If you missed it, maybe next time!

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  1. We had a birthday party for Denise today...I won't tell you which birthday it is! LOL...will catch the next one!