Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Process Continues ...

Here we are, getting ready for the holiday open house!

The "giftables" are wrapped and ready to sell!

Miss Betsy and I had another very busy day getting ready for the open house on Sunday. We began at 7 am in the garage office getting everything moved out.  Chased all the dust bunnies, dead bugs and took a load to Goodwill. Once that was done it was time to set up the cash and carry products in place where it can stay when to party is over. Three hours later .... it's looking pretty good if I don't say so myself. After having some yogurt for breakfast I took a break and ran errands ... did I say a break? Ha, that's funny.

Once I returned home it was back to the job at hand. I wrapped the giftables and set up the display ... partially. Betsy was right in there helping me come up with some new ideas to use the new Longaberger hurricane. We decided it was a perfect vehicle for peppermint candies!

Stay tuned, tomorrow is another day of prep!

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