Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Day to Give Thanks

The Table is Set ... each guest received a set of personalized note cards.

A Collection of Longaberger Lanterns!

Summer Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Pasta Salad and Fresh Raspberries Yum!

Naomi, Vicky and Debbie

Carmen, Pam, Marty and Penny

A happy Vicky!

Today was just a nice relaxing day for me to give thanks to my amazing group of Horizon of Hope co-workers. These ladies put so much time, treasure and talent into making this fund raising event the success it is. We enjoyed a nice relaxing lunch of summer chicken salad, pasta salad, fresh raspberries and topped it off with a yummy Pumpkin Cobbler and whipped cream. After lunch we all had an opportunity to share what we felt went well and what could use improvements. Overall the consensus was we did a lot very well!
Debbie treated us all to a jar of her delicious homemade fresh apple butter. And yes, Betsy was at the meeting as well, she had a lot of thank you kisses to hand out to the group as her personal thank you.

Yep! Betsy was at the luncheon!!


  1. It was a relaxing afternoon and a delicious lunch. Thank you, Anita!!!...and Betsy!

  2. I'm very grateful to you and your group for working so hard to make a really lovely, fun and special afternoon for us. Thanks ladies!