Monday, September 26, 2011

I Love Fall ... Comes with Age

  There's something about late summer and early fall that makes me feel like "nesting." I love how the sky looks softer, the air smells different - maybe cleaner and the sun set earlier every night. Even for those of us who live in Southern California appreciate the beauty of fall. I'm blessed to have a beautiful liquid amber tree in my front yard, actually my entire street has them. By November they are all aflame with orange, yellow, golds and touches of green. Just absolutely beautiful to the eye. I even enjoy the squawking flocks of shiny black crows that hover every afternoon. It's the time of year that mother nature is telling the earth "it's time to get ready for those cold, long, dark nights."
                                                                                            The air was chilly this morning and the sky

 was a nice shade of battleship gray. The perfect kind of weather to decorate for the changing seasons. I head out to the storage shed and right there in front of my eyes are my four tubs filled with pumpkins, leaves, Longaberger baskets, corn, acorns and other various autumnal items. I started with the dining room table (to the left) and made an arrangement of my large stuffed pumpkins, black candle sticks and my favorite black crow. Looking at the finished arrangement just makes me smile and hungry for a pumpkin spice latte' at Starbucks! Oh, I can smell it already.

     I just can't imagine anything more important then giving thanks to God. I love my large orange pumpkin with "give thanks to God" carved on the front of it. My husband, Joe and live in the family room of our home. I placed this wonderful pumpkin on our fireplace mantle where we can see it all the time. Well, at least until the end of November that is!

 How many of you out there in cyber land make home made bread? I don't mean in a bread machine! I mean in an actual "dough bowl?" Well I have several of these wonderful hand carved bowls and to date I have not made one loaf of bread in any of them! However, I have filled them with everything from fruit, nuts, balls of cloth, rocks, candles you name it, I put it in there. But, never any dough ... ironic isn't it?

 Longaberger started making these awesome pumpkins last year. This year they introduced a large as well as a  small pumpkin. The beauty of these are they are made of hard rock maple and they will NEVER rot! How cool is that? I even have Indian corn tucked in behind the pumpkins also made from maple. Just when you think that the Longaberger Company can't come out with anything else they make pumpkins and corn! If you would like to purchase any of these rot free pumpkins go to

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