Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mom's a nerd!

OK, she did a Longaberger show today at Pyles Elementary school today. She was so excited, new guests, new idea etc, etc. She set up a great display in the classroom and took some pictures of the room, her set up and Kim, the hostess. So, she gets home and sits down to post the pictures on her lap top. then she realized she did NOT take out the disk yesterday. Yes, you guessed it, she took pictures, clicking away with out a disk ... did I say mom's a nerd? Yikes, her memory is so bad.

So, today's blog will be pictureless, except well for cute little me! I know this is heart breaking news to many of you but what is a nerd to do?

I  heard her telling papa Joe that the show was fun, teachers coming and going, snacking on goodies and chatting. Some had heard of Longaberger and some couldn't even say Longaberger. The new woven pumpkins were a big hit as well as the pottery. Longaberger makes baskets ... right? 


  1. LOVE!! your display. Glad to hear the school party went well. Sure would have LOVED! to see pictures. LOL

  2. How sad. :( But we did have a good time!