Friday, October 7, 2011

Sometimes ya just gotta laugh!

My daughter Tiffany came by the other night and while she was here decided look for her Heidi Halloween costume. No, this is not Heidi! And no she didn't find it. However, after digging through boxes she did locate her high school cheerleading uniforms. This picture is part of the "fashion" show I was privy to. Personally,
 was shocked she could even zip it up!  13 years later she has "blossomed" in the chest area since high school. Fortunately the uniform has some stretch to it making room for her bust line! After laughing myself stupid I got out the camera for a few pics. I was glad to see she still has that award winning smile and pay special not to the "Statue of Liberty" pose. That was a popular pose many moons ago!
I believe this song uniform has made the cut for Halloween 2011, it's FREE and it sorta fits!
PS Notice Miss Betsy on the stairs ... she was scared!


  1. Hysterical! But very impressive that it fits!