Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oak Glen Fall Road Trip

It's Road Trip Day to beautiful Oak Glen! The gift baskets are loaded, the car has gas and I'm ready to go.

Our first stop was lunch at Apple Dumplin's, it was soooo good. The gal up front in the blue out fit is Jewel, she is 91 years old and travels everywhere Longaberger goes! Such a trooper.

Next stop - Mom's, here we got fresh picked organic apples.

Patty has made her selection of Gala apples and Tiffany, smiling in the background is still shopping for just the right bag!

Best buddies Susan and Barb have their bags too.

Los Rios/Riley's Farm! Oh my gosh, this place was packed. Check out the traffic just to park! Yikes

We made it! The banjo players were on a roll. Heidi, Eileen, Tiffany Kim and myself jumped in for a quick picture.

This was so fun to watch. The line was REALLY long or I would have made my own cider.

This little girl was giving it all she had to get her cider pressed. The aroma of the fresh pressed apples was awesome!

Here is the group at the Wild Life Conservancy. It was such a beautiful day. The weather was crisp, the air was clear and there was apples, apples everywhere! Such a great day.

Heidi and Kim are just ending their marathon wait in line. Kim is sipping on some fresh pressed cider. Note her adorable Longaberger purse she made last fall in Ohio!

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