Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I just love my front door. For me the front door of my home is an invitation to all the is held inside. So, please step inside with me and lets take a little look around.

I know this is odd but I love crows! They are sleek and shiny and black, one of my favorite non colors ... is black a color? They tell me it is not. The crow is a symbol of cooler weather and the coming of fall. In my beautiful, maple tree lined street the crows arrive every afternoon to squawk and chase all the little sparrows. They are ornery (like me) and make a lot of noise. They will be gone soon, once the weather gets cold and rainy the crows will disappear ... along with the beauty of fall.

Step inside and have a seat, oh yes I know, the settee is covered with pillows. Like crows, I love pillows. For the most part all of these pillows are made by hand by my dear friends. My quilting friend Penny Hunter made the basket block pillow as well as the Ohio Star, two things I love, baskets and Ohio!

Maybe you have a little seat and you need a little chair to sit in! Wellllll, I can offer you a rocking horse, to a small red chair, or perhaps a teeny tiny rocking chair is your desire! Oh, you can also sit on the buggy bench and bounce. What ever your desire, I have the seat.

Lets talk about black. If you know me you know I love black, I learned the love of spray paint from my dear friend Debbie Linamen. She paints everything black, I wouldn't be surprised if she spray painted her house black! So, she told me I needed touches of black in my house .... so touches it is. I had this children's wicker rocker painted white. I was going to haul it off to Goodwill but then the light bulb went off in my head and I said to myself, self get some spray paint and paint it black! I love it so much. I put in the Crimson Hill Longaberger pillow in the seat and now I REALLY love it!

No, there is no where to sit here. I just love bittersweet, that's the orange stuff! I also love old crocks, wooden spoons and that little black stove. Did I mention I like black? Hummmm, well I love black! Hope you enjoyed my little tour of my home. Enjoy the beauty of your fall!

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