Thursday, October 13, 2011

Follow Your Dreams Tour

What a mess! Susan, from the home office is opening boxes and attempting to sort things. Believe it or not she had a method to the madness!

Our fall/core line display. It was so beautiful!

More fall, a bit of a closer look.

Christmas ala Longaberger. Check out the pop corn basket in the right hand corner, really cute!

More Christmas ... my quilt made the trip as well. Love the new holiday pillows.

Oops, glass hurricane is side ways and I can't find the rotate option! Can anyone help me????

My customers, Jewel, Barb, Susan, Patty and Tanya!

More customers, Kim and Debbie - all smiles, loving the evening.

Pam Harp and my daughter Tiffany. Tiff is holding the long medium market basket.

Debbie Linamen and myself, we're happy, the guests are in and loving the event.

Meet our basket weaver Michelle Coe. It's her first visit to California and she is so excited! My customer Tanya Mecham was watching her weave when I showed up for a photo opp.

Me, Pam and Tami Longaberger. Tami has just signed Pam's tour basket.

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