Friday, October 25, 2013

Remembering the Aluminum Tree ...

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog sharing my childhood memories of the family Aluminum Christmas Tree. I will briefly catch you up on the story so you will better understand where my blog for today is headed.
The year is 1963,  our living room is all a glow (literally) just minutes after my daddy plugs in the magnificent "Color Wheel." This is the piece de resistance of the living room scene. My dad LOVED decorating for Christmas! This burly, heavy equipment construction worker could have put Martha Stewart to shame. I only wish someone would have photographed our home in those days after he waived his magic wand, it was awesome.
Now, for a 10 year old girl the glow of a silver, aluminum tree was highly anticipated. Dad would bring in the numerous boxes and begin the tedious assembly of the tree. The tall trunk would go into the stand and one by one and in a structured order the sparkly, silver branches would be inserted into the tiny holes. This took HOURS but oh so worth it! The tree would be set into place and then covered with hot pink sparkly ball ornaments! To make the whole scene more heavenly daddy would cover the tree with angel hair. Remember that spun glass that ONLY your parents were allowed to touch? Yep, that was a sure way to keep the kids away from the tree! It's late into the evening by now and the color wheel has yet to be plugged in, but once it has the room is a glow in rotating colors of red, blue, green and yellow. Since I was not allowed near the tree I would lay across the room on the couch and watch as the tree would gradually change colors ... it was like an amazing dream. Ahhh, life was so good.
Looking back on this tree I giggle and think "what was he thinking?" That tree was hideous ... but it was all the fashion in those days and we loved it to pieces.

Fast forward to October 24, 2013. Tanya, my partner in crime and I visited TPT Home to see their holiday trees and decor. To my surprise I was greeted by numerous, colorful aluminum trees!! All shapes, sizes and colors were their for purchase.

This picture was actually found on their website. I love the redware snowflake plates, however, they were no where to be found in the store  ... I was told they don't have every item in all the stores.
They didn't have this adorable pillow either ...

Now the glorious aluminum trees. Here is an assortment of small green table top trees ...
Nestled in between all that green were some small silver trees with covered gold ones below ....
This was over the top! Bright, flaming red aluminum with lights on it! Yikes!
Yes, the picture is blurry, I was running away in horror. Just so you know, they did have a lot of assorted green trees as well, and there were MORE aluminum trees, blue and even black ones. If you are a cosmopolitan kinda gal this is the place to go!

 Located somewhere in the middle of the store is an accessories department. Purses, scarves, jewelry etc. Why is this in a home decor store you ask??? No clue!
Here it is, isn't this the biggest mess of stuff you ever saw!!! The best part of this area are the sparkly disco balls overheard.
Tanya LOVES jewelry so she was the perfect choice to model some of the goods. 

In all seriousness, if you are looking for holiday decor this is a really fun place to go and get some great ideas, prices are not cheap by ideas are free!!

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