Thursday, October 3, 2013

Now That's a BIG Basket!

When I hosted my Longaberger Fall open house a month ago I pull winners from a basket that win the hostess offerings. One of the items selected by a winner of a half price item chose the new Extra Large Ware Basket. This is so new that I hadn't ever seen one before. It arrived yesterday in a GIANT box! I was so anxious to get inside and see what it was like! Join me as I open it up!

The Box ....
It's open!! You can see by the blurry picture I was so excited my hands were shaking!
Another blurry picture!

Just look how big it is sitting in front of my fireplace opening! The upsplints are made of metal like the ware baskets used in the early pottery factories of the 1900's.
 Now that I have officially seen this beauty I can't wait to get my own!

1 comment:

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