Friday, October 4, 2013

I'm Ready ... Outside and In!

After a trip to Roger's Garden, Armstrong's Nursery and Walmart I feel I am officially ready to sit back and enjoy the beauty of fall. The Santa Ana winds are blowing today which I love! The air is clean, no humidity and the temps are cooler. Just an amazing time of year to enjoy natures beauty.
Remember all those pumpkins I bought?? It seemed like I had so many and what would I do with them all? Now I could use just a few more!

The front porch ... I love all the different pumpkins I found this year and the black Johnny Jump Ups are so perfect for  Halloween. I transplanted my black corn stalks and pray they will last for the season!!
Nestled in between my plants I have placed some bright orange pumpkins and gourds ... They add just a pop of color to make everything happy!
Another shot from the sidewalk. I also planted several new mums in bright colors of orange, reds, purple and white. Once they are in full bloom it should be beautiful and so festive!
My door box with a fresher look for fall, it still needs a bit of tweaking ... it will be all ready by this weekend to welcome family and friends!
 As the days grow shorter and cooler I hope you find joy in your home as we begin to hunker in for cooler weather.

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