Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Wonderful Day ....

Saturday was such a wonderful day. My dear friend Paula was in town for a family visit and managed to find sometime for the two of us to spend the day together. So early Saturday morning we loaded into my car and headed south .... first stop, Stars & Scraps Quilt Shop! This is one of my favorite haunts when it comes to quilt fabric shopping and I know Paula loves it as well. They always have a very nice collection of quilts kitted up and Paula loves to purchase these! She bought three, these will keep her out of trouble for a while!!
Next stop ... Temecula. We both wanted Rosa's Cantina for lunch. They make fresh homemade tortillas while you wait, they are just the best ever! They also serve a white sour cream enchilada sauce that people drive from near and far to enjoy. Oh yum!
After we filled our tanks we headed into Old Town Temecula, this rapidly expanding community was originally a stage coach stop for travelers between San Diego and Los Angeles. I love the fact that they have held on to the quint western atmosphere and the towns original heritage. We headed for the Farmer's Wife, one of my favorite shops in town. When we walked in the front door these two greeted us!

Two silly rusty ole crows! They would sporadically squawk and when they did water would drool out from their beaks. The base they are standing on is a fountain, I loved this thing and really wanted to take it home. I told Paula we were the two crows, just hanging out drooling! The black cat to the left was pretty funny as well, he just stands there watching these two crows, he's wearing a basket back pack filled with fall goodies!
 After a stop at Starbucks for a refreshment we headed back home.
Always so generous Paula brought me a few goodies that I LOVE and wanted to share.
First we have this Awesome pumpkin ...
Isn't this just the best pumpkin ever???
Then she moved me immediately into Christmas!! Yikes, can you believe it!
Love the books cover! Last night while reading the Walker Homesteads blog I saw the two authors of this book signing copies at their Harvest Event! AND, I didn't know this until I opened the book to read it that Paula purchased me a signed copy!! Whoo Hoo!
My final awesome gift is a quilt project of my own. She must want to be sure that I have plenty to keep me busy this winter as well.
Before I new it we were saying our goodbyes and Paula has already headed back to Northern California. It was a wonderful day with a great friend!

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