Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Day at my Little Red Machine ...

Monday was such a wonderful, relaxing day. My two sewing companions and I met at Penny's home for our monthly sewing day and I really needed some girl time. I love my hubby to pieces but with his declining health it's just good to get a break from the daily routine.
Going to Penny's is always a treat. I know we will have a delicious meal ... Lobster Bisque soup, a barley with vegetables salad, warm bread and dessert. Oh so yummy and I didn't have to cook or do dishes or anything but enjoy myself!! Thank you, thank you Penny!
To begin our morning she had the best snacks for the autumn season ... Crunchy sweet snacks with pumpkin cream cheese spread.
The little crackers that have a yellow tint on the left were soooo good. They had pumpkin, cranberries, sunflower seeds and rosemary in them. All three of these fall treats came from Trader Joe's. I need to make a trip over there to get some of my very own!
My red featherweight machine just purred along like the trooper she is. I worked on my Drips of Honey quilt. It is created from only two fabric shades, grey and cheddar ... I will share it once it's finished, you will LOVE it!
Penny spent the day working on her doll sized quilts ... they all needed bindings done. Loved the colors she used on this one, so soft and calming. 
 Rita was borrowed in at the other end on the table working on her Civil War Sampler squares ... I have been making the easy ones and both Rita and Penny are doing the hard ones, this is a good plan don't you agree!!

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