Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Fine Evening for a Party

October 11, 2013 - The day one of the most amazing men I know was born. 80 years ago my husband Joe was born in Long Beach, Ca. They just don't make men like him any longer. Gentle, loving and true to his family, faith and country. God richly blessed my life when Joe became a part of it. To celebrate this milestone day I gathered together as many members of his family that I could to surprise him. It was awesome, to see him so happy.
My helper Shawn is wrestling with the balloons ...

Wasn't he just the cutest little guy you ever saw, look at those chubby cheeks! I year old ...  

And now .... 80 years later ...
Three of his four kids .... Joe Jr. Maria and youngest son Patrick ....
Dinner! Pizza's and Antipasto salads!
Four generations! Great-granddaughter Madison and Brock, Granddaughter Nicole and Daughter Maria ....
Joe's personal paparazzi!!
Joe's nephew Bob flew in from Philly to join the celebration!

6 of Joe's Grandchildren ... Katie, second from left will be delivering his 7th great grandson next month!
October 11, 1933 a baby boy was born .... 80 years later look what a legacy he has left in hi wake ....

Happy birthday from your loving family!


  1. Happy B'day Joe! You Look GREAT!


  2. Thank you Audrey, he does look great for a man of 80!!

  3. What great pictures! and he looks really happy seeing all his family! Happy Birthday Joe! Ralph