Friday, May 31, 2013

And so it Is .....

The past few days have been so long .... I have gone to bed with Pat on my mind and when I awake my first thought has been "did he pass in the night." This morning I got the call, his wonderful daughter in law Jana called at 10:00, he passed early this morning ... 3:30, my mom passed at 3:00 am. There is something about the 3 am hour that is conducive to death. I will have to investigate.

Wednesday morning I called the hospital to check on him, he was very agitated and refusing any and all medications and food. His only desire was to have water. As the day drew to a close he was quiet and resting and slowly slipping away ... so I thought. Thursday morning I went in to see him about 10:00 and he was awake, alert his family was there at his side and he was being evaluated by Hospice in order to return to his home. Before I left I gave him another hug and a kiss and told him who I was, he was so excited to have me there ... we both cried. I received an email from Jana late last night explaining they had finally transported him home, there were a few problems with his oxygen but he was finally settled in his own room, with the quilt I had made he and Dee covering him he was resting quiet.

Jana received the call from Hospice in the wee hours of the morning that he had passed. He was finally in a quiet space, in his own home and made his passage from this life to the next. I am confident the his "spicy" his term, wife was waiting  for him hollering "what took you so long Pat, I've been waiting forever!" 

As I have said before, my own dad passed away when I was just 29. Pat had become a surrogate father to me and grandfather to my two kids. He will be so missed, he is the last of a dying breed in my life. 

Farewell sweet man, farewell ....

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