Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ohio Tour Day #2

Day 2 found our motor coach winding through the hills of Holmes County as we headed south to visit everything Longaberger.
Amy and I on board the coach greeting our guests and readying for departure!
By 8:45 am we pulled into the Retired Basket Shoppe to begin our shopping expedition! The gals has specifically requested a visit to this shop ... Amy and I aim to please so stop we did! After departing with large sums of money from our wallets our next stop was the Longaberger Crawford Barn to weave some baskets!! We had two brand new gals weaving for the first time so I was sure to hang around and capture a few photos.
Look at the concentration on Ms Marie's face ... she is determined to learn how to weave.

Look at her go!! She is already weaving like a pro!!
Our second newbee is Ms Teri!! Teri is a long time friend of Amy's from California. She had such a great time on the trip and absolutely loved weaving her very own basket. Her weaver is really giving instructions!!
Here are our only mother/daughter team this trip! Front is Emma and back is Gloria. These to are such a hoot and experienced Longaberger travelers. They have both made the trip a couple of times in the past. It was great having them join us again.
In January 2013 Tami Longaberger announced Project Eagle. What this is, is a commitment to bringing the line of Woven Traditions Pottery production back to the United States. She projected a year to 18 months for this to occur .... little did she know that by May 20th, next Monday they would be participating in a Ribbon Cutting ceremony in Buffalo, New York to open the very first ever Longaberger pottery manufacturing campus in the United States. Woo hoo! More jobs for Americans!
Sitting dead center in the Longaberger At Home shop is this huge flag made of Red, White and Blue Medium Market Baskets!
Another display of our pottery and the steps and tools it takes to create them ....
Back in 1896 Daddy John Longaberger supported his new bride, Carrie Longaberger by weaving "Ware" baskets like pictured above. The original ware baskets were woven from Maple and Oak with steel reinforced up straps.

On the back side of the flag is a map of the United States .... I placed a star in the spot where I live and will be hosting a picnic in June. If you are interested in joining me just drop me an email at!!

Like the message above says .... Join Us (me) in bringing Jobs back to America!
 Tomorrow we tour the back roads of Holmes County with our guide Jonas!!

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