Friday, May 3, 2013

My Little Puppy Dog ....

There has NEVER been a time in my life that I have not owned a pet of some sort. Almost always a dog and a cat, mixed in with chickens, 
This cute little peep ...
Becomes one of these noisy creatures .....
 ducks, sheep, goats ...
They will stand on anything to make them feel tall ... No kidding, they really like to be tall!

(yes, goats, they are a trip!) Horses, lots and lost of horses, a fish or two, pet mice
Pet mice are very fun .... just don't let them find a mate or you have an infestation on your hands!!!
and yep ... a tiny little turtle. As they years have gone by the pets began to whittle down from several at one time to one or to. When my last dog, a Dalmatian passed away I said NO more pets! I am tired of feeding, cleaning up after and paying for pets. Once the cat passes, no more, I'm done! I had a very old calico cat that I thought was possibly on her lest legs. Wrong, she remained another 5 years, she was one tuff kitty cat!! Meanwhile, my son decided I needed another dog ... hummm, is he deaf??? So almost 8 years ago my doorbell rings and there stands my son and his family holding the most adorable puppy I had ever seen. I squealed let me hold it and that was it, my heart melted and I was the owner of an 8 weeks old Boston Terrier.
However, that tiny bundle of joy officially adop my husband Joe as the love of her life. I run a close second but that's it I'm always second!

As empty nesters Joe and I have loved this dog like a child and thus treated her like one. My daughter refers to her as her sister and 99 percent of the time when the car leaves the driveway Betsy is in it. Always ready for an adventure, she is even well known around ton at all the fast food restaurants my husband visits on a regular basis. At Jack in the Box every morning they treat her to a slice or two of bacon, Starbucks wants to give her whipped cream in her own cup, ick way too messy! The donut shop gives her little donut holes, that she usually doesn't eat and the list goes on. How one little dog can have so much personality is beyond me, but she does. I did get to name her, after all she's my do ( ya right) so I named her Betsy Ross of Boston as I love everything Americana I felt this was such a perfect name. Hence the name of my blog Betsy's Basket Blog. 
So today I am sharing a recent picture of her all snuggled in for a nap. One of her favorite games to play is borrow down in the blankets and try to bite me, not Joe .... just me!

On the couch in her daddy's clean laundry!

Occasionally she will sneak onto the computer and post a blog note or a few pictures ... be sure to check in regularly to see if she has something to report! If you're an empty nester, and feel the need to smile, get a puppy ... they are a bundle of smiles!!

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