Sunday, May 12, 2013


I just returned from 5 days of fabulous fun with my Longaberger customers and buddies touring Ohio's Amish Country and The Longaberger Homestead. I have stories and pictures to share and promise to get to it in the next few days.
My cousin, MaryAnn lives in Ohio and joined us on the trip, it was so wonderful having time together. Our mother's were sister's and they have both passed to be with their lord. My mom has been gone 10 years and MaryAnn's 5. We miss them terribly and it was great to be together for Mother's Day and share stories of our childhoods and how much we miss our moms. I was an only child and mom was like a sister in a lot of ways. MaryAnn, on the other hand was the youngest of five and probably the closest to her mom in her adult years. As she and I have aged we have become more and more alike, we look more like sister's then she does with her blood sisters. Genetics are so strange! As a young woman everyone said I looked just like my dad .... now I hear over and over how much I look and act like my mom.
It's probably a good thing that my cousin and I live so far apart, I think we could get into some serious mischief together! In honor of our mother's I want to thank them for their love, guidance and willingness to allow their daughter's to become strong independent women.
Love you mom, love you Aunt Jay ...

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