Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Memorial Tribute .....

As Memorial Day quickly approaches the TV has been saturated with WWII movies, Veterans and other various specials. Once again I found myself thinking about my own family and their contribution to the US Military. My great-great Uncle Phillip Geiger served in the Civil War, every year his grave is marked by a group of veterans who remember those fallen from the Civil and Revolutionary wars. My grandfather served in France during WWI where he received the Bronze Star for being wounded in battle. My dad served in the Pacific Theater during WWII and was assigned as part of the clean up after the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan and my Uncle Leonard who served in Europe primarily after the war had been declared over. I am sure each of these men had ideas as to why they were there of which I will never fully know. However, I do know they were proud men and proud to serve their country.
My Dad ... he looks so young, innocent and handsome! My son looks like my dad, sad they never got to know each other.

His collection of battle ribbons and the flag that draped his coffin at the time of his burial over 30 years ago.

And finally his military bugle. He blew Rivalee and Taps every morning and night ... I'm so happy I have it has a fond memory of his service to our country.

Don't forget to say a prayer for our men in service and a silent thank you to those that served to make ours a great nation ....

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