Monday, May 6, 2013

Getting my Home in the Americana Spirit

I went to sew with my friends Rita and Penny today and I got inspired. Rita was our hostess today and she has already put her home in the Americana mood. I was so jealous I drove straight home and got busy! So far all I have done is my kitchen island, but that's better then I had done before! I depart and VERY early thirty Wednesday morning for Ohio so I doubt I get to much done tomorrow. I am taking a group of ladies back to visit everything Longaberger as well as Holmes County, the heart of Amish Country. We will be touring in a luxury motor coach for three glorious days, it goes so fast and we never see as much as I hope to!
A little more tweaking to do ... I'll get it just right soon!!

The other side ....

Memorial Day is the official launch of the Americana holidays at the Taylor home, I'll be ready by then for sure!!

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