Monday, April 29, 2013

The Wedding Journey has Begun ....

August 4, 1978 I gave birth to my only daughter ... even at 34 years old she still seems like my baby girl. So when she asked me to join her to try on wedding gowns Saturday I was so excited. This is something I've dreamt of for many years and now it was finally here! We met with two of her bridesmaids at 4 pm for her scheduled appointment at the bridal shop.
Ironically they seated us by the wall of shoes ... they must have known her love for shoes!
Sorority pals Jean, left and Erica right and I are ready for the show! Let the gowns begin!!
Oh my gosh! When she walked out that dressing room door I just wanted to cry, my baby girl is all grown up  and soon to be a bride. This dress is from the Disney Princess Collection, Rapunzel ....

Jean is messing with the train while Erica is busy with her camera capturing all the angles of the dress.
A happy girl ....
Dress #2 .... This one reminds me of fresh miragne on a pie ... very fluffy at the bottom, especially in the back!
Dress #3 ... more fluffy stuff in the back, can you see it back there?? And a veil is added this time!
This was a riot .... when the dress is to big they bring out these giant clips! She began to look like she had an external spine!
Dress #4 and Dolce our bridal gown assistant getting things fixed up! Can you see all the clips under the veil??

Dress #5 this one has a lot of sparkle! When she came out of the dressing room in this dress I cried, she looked so beautiful and like such a grown up woman, my baby girl has gone ....

#4 again before the outside trek! And before all the clipping!

Meet Dicky .... yep, he is the shops muscle. When they lace up the corsets and put on the clips they call in Dicky! He was an absolute riot!! 
Erica trying on a beautiful grey dress ....

And here's Jean in a coral one ....

After all was said and done she tried on a total of 6 dresses  .... a few of them more then once! The hours ticked by and before we knew it the clock said 8:00 pm! We had been there for 4 hours! When I was married to Tiffany's dad I ordered my dress from a bridal magazine. I wore my own bra and they shipped a slip liner and veil with the dress. Now it's much, much more complicated. You need a special bra, slip, corset, and who knows what else! I'm beginning to understand why weddings cost so much today. I'm not going to tell you which one she selected, you will need to wait for the wedding!!

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