Monday, April 8, 2013

Hooot .... Hoooooot!!!

What goes Hoot?? Yep, it's the owl. I love owl's, they are so wise .... So what could be wiser then joining with this smart creature and going into business?? I recently attended a Living Locket party at a friends home and was immediately enchanted with the idea of creating my own lockets!
The name of the company is Origami Owl, created by a very savvy 14 year old named Bella from Chandler, Arizona. The concept is you purchase a crystal locket in silver, gold or rose gold either plain or adorned with crystals. You then fill the locket with your choice of tiny charms, birthstones or even your own tiny keepsakes. You select one of several styles of chains and before you know it you have created your own locket! These can commemorate a special event i.e, weddings, babies, sports, engagements, friendships or even a memorial locket.
I thought this would be a fun business venture and chose Saturday to launch my Origami Owl Living Locket open house.
Welcome friends!!

The table was set ... I served cupcakes, strawberries and chocolate filled raspberries ...

The chocolate covered strawberries were a hit! Everyone of them was gone!!

Pretty Tiffany Blue cupcakes!
My Jewelry Bar ...

Containers filled with tiny little charms, thus the magnifying glass!

Cute little pewter tags hanging on my Longaberger Cottage pitcher and stand!

Pretty, sparkly dangles ....
A travel and a sports locket ....

My daughter Tiffany's engagement locket ... So pretty!
My first shoppers! Little Sage is only 3 and was one of my youngest shoppers!

Decisions, decisions .....
Three generations, long time neighbor and friend Irene, daughter Misty and grand daughter Sage ... so happy they came!
So many happy memories with these wonderful women!
Tanya was a God send, she was in charge of the kitchen!!

Tiffany assisting a friend and customer with an order. 
Such a wonderful day watching friends create their own lockets! I can't wait until all the orders come in and see what they made. Thanks to all of you for joining me!!

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