Monday, April 22, 2013

The Joys of Childhood ....

Yesterday was just a beautiful day to be out in the world. A friend of mine and I decided to visit a local outlet mall and see what's new for Spring! About mid way through the mall we took a little break and sat on a bench right in front of the Michael Kors store. I'm watching the shoppers hustle from shop to shop, loaded with bags, strollers and even a spouse or two! What caught my eye was a little toddler boy. He was maybe a year old, still not real steady on his tiny feet walking with his very pregnant mom. They stop in the shade to rest and I'm watching the little guy giggle as he tosses something in he air and chases it. He plays this game for several minutes before I really look at what he is tossing in the air. The toy that has captured his imagination is a very small piece of polyester cotton. As it blows and swirls around he chases after it, catches it, stuffs it in his pocket and back to mommy he goes. Then he tosses it in the air and the cycle starts again. This tiny piece of cotton, didn't cost a penny and it kept him giggling and entertained until we left.
In a "stuff" filled world, where we are always searching for more a tiny child reminded me that sometimes the best, most entertaining things are FREE. 

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