Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's Time to Play Ball!!!

Baseball season has officially arrived and I for one am so excited! Tuesday the Los Angeles Angels had their series opener and Wednesday my daughter and I were in the stands!
Yep! It's Opening Week ....
We were sitting way out there in the corner of left field, nice an early before all the fans arrived!

And who would I find out here in the ballpark boon docks?? It's Susie, a co-Longaberger consultant! You just never know who you'll find at Angel Stadium!
My adorable grandson Austin also had his "Opening Week" with Little League. This year his team are the Red Sox and he plays the Catcher's position! Love the look of concentration on his face. He's just too cute! Someday I will be watching him at Angel's Stadium!!!
Today I found myself back at Angel Stadium this time to watch the Angels play the Huston Astros, new to the AL West this year! My friend Tanya joined Tiffany and I as well as Tiffany's friend Erica and her hubby Danny. We had so many firsts!
It was Tanya's first Angel game, my first game with Erica ...
Tanya caught an Erik Aybar shirt shot up into the stands by the Angels Strike Force ... A First for all of us!
A first time sitting behind home plate! Look at that amazing view towards the mountains!! See the giant Jumbotron off the the right of the picture? Our row was even pictured up on the big screen as our entire section won free tickets for Coconut Water ... hummm, never have had it so that will be another first!
A little breeze was blowing and it was cold for us thin blooded Californians! This was also the first time I have attended two baseball games in one week! Final score .... Astros 1 Angels 6 - Go Angels!


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