Monday, April 1, 2013

Unexpected Easter Guests

I was up bright and early Easter morning. There is something calming and restoring that happens to my soul in the early hours and on Easter I especially appreciate the calm. I went to early mass and when I got home I realized I had some visitors!
Not the usual kind .... but there, on my power lines outside my patio window sat a pair of beautiful bright green parriots! Oh my gosh, I was so surprised.
  This picture just does not show how beautiful they truly are. It was a gray overcast morning, I'm sure if the sun were shining I could have captured their beautiful color. They also have red heads and bright yellow beaks! On the down side ... they are NOISY. There squawking could easily raise the dead!
A little close look with my zoom lens. So peaceful, just sitting there quietly looking at me looking at him .....

A wider angle of them over the pool. Just another reminder of the gifts God has given to us on this Easter morning.
The Easter Bunny made a few deliveries while I was away. He left these behind for my daughter ...

and this was left for ME! How do those Easter bunnies know what I like??? Humm, just an amazing breed of creatures. Not captured in a picture are his gifts to Mr. Taylor! He received 2 pounds of Salt Water Taffy from Balboa Island! His very favorite thing. So again I ask .... how does the Easter Bunny do it? He must get tips and training from Santa!

A happy girl with her basket! Notice her beautiful Origami Owl necklace, so pretty!!
We had such a nice relaxing day. Tanya spent the day with us eating, laughing and sharing and ended the evening watching the final episode of the Bible, The Passion. I cried, covered my eyes and felt ill at the idea of what humans do to each other. My husband and I were sharing some thoughts this morning in reflection of the Bible. We agree, the more we are enlightened the more we don't understand and the less we know .... How can that be?

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