Sunday, July 27, 2014

The First Ladies are Coming Together!!

I took advantage of the quiet day and worked on setting the pieced blocks of my First Ladies Quilt. So far so good, I love the fabrics I have chosen up to this stage of my progress!
The blocks with the points belong to Dolley Payne Todd Madison, the companion block is that of Mary Todd Lincoln (they are not related.)

A bit of history about these two First ladies that helped form our country ...

Dolley Payne married John Todd, an attorney in 1790.  Three years later Dolley would become a widow. In time she would marry James Madison, 17 years her senior. In 1814 Dolley would become an American hero by rescuing the portrait of George Washington, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence moments ahead of the British setting fire to her home the "White House."
Mary Todd would marry Abraham Lincoln in 1842. Known as one of the "worst" First Ladies of the White House due to her elaborate spending and serious debt. She suffered from erratic behavior and hysteria but was also known as an intelligent and compassionate woman who was deeply involved in the Emancipation Proclamation to free the slaves. Tragedy struck Mary four times. Losing three of her four sons to death as well as the death of her beloved Abe. 

The corner blocks are called the Double T. Sometime referred to as the "Temperance" block.
The Double T block was inspired by Lucy Webb Hayes, wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes. Lucy was the first, First Lady to receive a degree in higher education. Nicknamed "Lemonade Lucy" by the press because she did not allow alcohol to be served in the White House and neither she nor President Hayes consumed the beverage. Lucy was very involved in her husbands political career and Rutherford was known to listen to her advice. Lucy would give birth to eight children, three would die in their infancy. The Temperance Block is so suitable for First Lady Hayes.


Along with the First Ladies quilt I have also been busy on a few smaller projects!
The back of a cute little wall hanging. This has been done for a dear friend as a birthday gift!
And here is the front! Love this little quilt and the color combination. I purchased it as a kit while at the Road to California.
 This morning, while my sewing room was cool I cut the necessary fabrics for my upcoming class. I also finished off my proto type ....

I attached this little flag tag to the back of my quilt sample ....
The front of the checker game board quilt!
I hope to continue on with the First Ladies Quilt tomorrow ... Wish me luck!

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