Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pre-Birthday Celebration!!

What a wonderful day. My baby girl, hehe, almost 36 years old has a birthday coming up in 10 days. Between her out of town work schedule and my visit to Ohio coming up this was the day we chose the have our day together to celebrate. What a great day it was in spite of the heat and humidity!

Our day began with 10:00 am pedicures at the Golden Dragon Nail Spa!
Her first gift of the day was a blinged out Starbucks Cup ...
Life is so good, an iced coffee and a pedicure!
Our next stop was lunch at Tiffany's favorite place, Alicia's in Brea. 

Alicia's location in Brea
This is one of the jewels to be found in Brea. Healthy and so delicious! Yummmmmmmy ...
Once our tummy's were full I took her for a foot and body massage at the HealthWise Center. If you have one of these Asian operated businesses in your area you need to GO!! It is awesome and so affordable.

She's done and feeling fine! We were taken into a private room and for one hour we are massaged, pushed and pulled from the top of our heads to the tips of our toes! Just plain awesome is all I can say.
My legs felt like rubber bands as we walked out the door. What to do what to do ... Oh, I have the best idea to help with drowsiness .... SUGAR!!
Crepes de Paris, an adorable little crepery in downtown Brea ...
All the little tables have these cute table cloths, love them.   
TaDa the Crepe Royal ... Nutella, fresh strawberries, bananas and creme fresh. OMG, these are to die for. This is a split order ... yep, both of those plates are to feed one person!
OK, we've been massaged, polished, eaten too much and now ....

Right back where we started from, Starbucks~
 After a quick refreshment we headed for home.

These presents were making her crazy, so after much discussion she decided to open 3 and save 2 for after her birthday!
Our favorite wine and a fabulous wine glass, even the monkey on the card is having a little bubbly!
Happy Birthday sweetie, I love you lots ....

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  1. What a GREAT Birthday, day! You did GOOD Mom.. Love you BOTH, Ralph