Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Friends know me so Well!

In just a few days I will celebrate my birthday!! Love birthdays ... even getting older is OK. So today when I got the mail there were 3 cards for me, I giggled when I opened the first card because it was so cute and the sender knows me so well. Then I opened the 2nd one and realized there was a theme brewing, by the third one I would have thought they all got together and planned their cards except these gals don't really know each other.

All three of my cards are featuring my little blog dog Betsy!! Do these gals know me or what?
Here she is Miss Betsy Ross, the real thing. Her birthday is coming up this month as well, we are both Cancer's!
I found this wonderful bottle of wine at World Market and decided to treat myself to a birthday gift. I don't like red wines but I love this bottle!
I didn't quite capture the whole name, it's "Zindependence" it's a red Zinfdel wine ... to cute!

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