Monday, July 14, 2014

Flipity Flopity ....

I think my mom wore "flip-flops",zorries, thongs or what ever the trendy name was at the time for a rubber soled shoe with a rubber gizmo between the toes my whole life. At least when she was not at work or church. I can remember going to Sprouse-Ritz or Woolworth's and she would by them for 10 cents a pair!! By the end of summer she would have a tanned flip flop on her foot. As a kid her parents made her wear big, clunky orthodic shoes due to her flat feet. So when left on her own to choose her casual footwear it was the fabulous rubber Zorrie.

Most recently I was in the dollar store and they had filled a wall with an array of Americana Flip Flops. Oh my, I thought Mom would be so excited to see all of these choices. In her honor I bought a pair. Within days I decided this would be the perfect time to pay homage to her memory with a flip flop craft class!
I had 10 ladies attend and they had the best time chatting and tying torn pieces of fabrics to the straps of their shoes.

Along with crafting I hosted a Longaberger party as well as celebrated a customers birthday. It was quite a busy, busy day.

July is the time we celebrate breast cancer awareness in the Longaberger Co. so that was the primary focus of the presentation ....
Before everyone left a few of the gals stayed for a quick photo with the birthday girl. My little 94 year old Jewel came to join us as well. She is such a trooper.
And finally a group shot of some completed shoes.   
 As I was posting these pictures one of my kids memories of my moms flip flops came to mind. When she would babysit for me she would stay at our house with the kids. When they were supposed to be asleep ... but weren't, they always new when she was coming in to check on them so they could fake they were asleep. How did they know?? By the sound of her zorries making, as they would say a "flipity flopity noise."
I hope your summer is filled with wonderful memory making moments ....

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