Friday, July 25, 2014

Can you Feel it?? Can you See it??

Can I feel it?? No, not yet .... it's HOT and muggy, those long, lazy dog days of summer are here and in all their blazing hot glory! However, I am beginning to see it. Yep, those beautiful and oh so colorful days of fall are beginning to sneak into the California landscape. 

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year so when the first little signs emerge I am quick to notice and point them out. In the last few days I have begun to notice the leaves of the maple trees on my street are beginning to change color! I pointed to them and squealed "look, their changing color" and almost gave my husband a heart attack!

I know, I know, it's hard to see but those leaves in the top right corner a turning orange! Yes they are!
SEE, I told you so!!
Love the little red spots on the leaves ... the morning sun streaming through the trees is so beautiful ...
 Since losing my job three years ago I have really begun to appreciate the tiny things that nature provides and so easily go un-noticed ... like spots on leaves for example. Except for aches and pains I am enjoying this peaceful time in my life. God has blessed our world with so many treasure that so easily go unappreciated.

Another tiny sign of fall has turned up in my front yard planter ....

 They are not easy to see but these mum plants are covered in tiny buds ready to burst open in a few weeks. Some of the early buds are popping open now but there must be 100's of them beginning to form for a colorful future. See the things I have time to notice! Love it!!
 And finally, I have been keeping my eye on a few trees producing fruit at the local junior college parking lot! In spite of the incredible heat, ants, and spiders these are the fruits of my labor.

A couple fall treasures ...
Pomegranates!! Aren't they beautiful ... I love to let them dry and use them through the fall and winter for bowl and basket fillers.
Keep your eyes peeled for your own sneak peeks of fall coming to your community!

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