Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Plaaaaaayy Balllll!

It's summer time in the northern hemisphere and Brazil is a buzz with the World Cup Soccer matches!
Here in the good ole USA summer time is all about baseball, hot dogs, watermelons and trips to the beaches. Last night my long time friend Paula and her hubby Darrell joined the newly weds and myself for a game of Angels Baseball! 
 The weather has been hot and humid but their is nothing like an evening at the baseball park. The cool breezes were blowing the Straw-ber-Rita's were icy cold and all was well with the world.

Darrell and Paula enjoying the game ...

The Angels have taken the field and are ready to plaaaaay baaaallll!
Ahhh, a crisp, cold, yummy drink ..
Tiffany and Shawn wearing their "Allen" shirts. There is a hidden code here ... 44 - 14, can you guess what it is?? Give up? Their wedding date is April (4) 4th 2014 ... very clever isn't it!
I have a very sleepy rally monkey, he's all tucked in for the night ...
Tiffany and Shawn shouldering their monkeys so the little guys can watch the game! Such a great night with family and friends ... Go Angels!

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