Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dear Jane ....

As I continue to pursue my dream of creating my own Dear Jane quilt I have begun to realize why so many creators of this amazing quilt also journal their own personal journey. I spent at least four hours Sunday making a log cabin style block. The pieces are tiny making the challenge of no written instructions that much more difficult. As I quilted in the quiet of my sewing room I found myself pondering on Jane Stickel. She had no pattern, she created it herself. She didn't have fancy sewing sheers to cut her worn out fabrics or even a sewing machine to piece the blocks. Instead of griping I began to really marvel at her genius. I have no plans of journaling my quest, however, I will share my journey with you from time to time. 
Here are the most recent blocks ... the brown one was the 4 hour challenge!
Today I completed block # 11 ... that center piece was my challenge for the day, EEKS!
 To keep my self sane I take breaks from my Dear Jane and work on my "First Ladies" quilt designed by Eleanor Burns. This is my first Burns project and she definitely has her own way of doing things!! Following her very detailed instructions has been a challenge in itself. One thing I learned early on with quilting, there is more then one way to cut out a block!! So here are a few of the First Ladies.
The top block is inspired by Louise Hayes. I have chosen to use my Orchard House fabrics designed by Jeanne Horton of the Country Sampler Quilt Shop. I love the "worn and loved" look Jeanne is famous for.

This is the block I finished today. The Dolly Madison Star. Next on the list ... Mary Todd Lincoln...

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  1. If only I could sew like YOU! :) Beautiful work my dear :) Love ya! Ralph