Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year's Eve!

A lot of folks are busy getting ready for New Year's Eve Parties, parades and football. However, me, I spend my morning and early afternoon taking down my Christmas decorations and packing them all away for another 11 months. It's such a sad thing. When they make there way out of my shed in November I am so excited and eager to get the house decorated. But now the reverse is the case. So up at 7 am and the process has begun ...

"Stuff" is everywhere ... Christmas quilts to be tucked away, storage container ready for Christmas decor to pack inside

This is actually pretty clean, I have most of the tubs packed up and on the patio ..

Here are 9 of the final 12 containers, a sled and a reindeer ...
And three huge bags full of garland and greenery.
 Now to finish the out side. Oh yeah ... My favorite almost son in law will be here tomorrow to help pack up the tree and store the containers. Oh how I love that boy!! 

Happy New Year Y'all!

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  1. come and do my house.. no tree to take down, but there is other stuff :) I'll get to it maybe this weekend... Happy New Year! Ralph