Thursday, December 19, 2013

What a Morning ...

What s way to start off my blogging .... First, I was out at my curb at mid-night digging through my trash. In the dark, stinky trash with a light drizzle falling on my head. I have somehow lost an important item and I was convinced I tossed it out by mistake. After 30 minutes of digging I finally gave up. I am so bummed. I feel asleep about 2 am and I didn't get up until 9:00! For me this is LATE. 
I get up and get ready to start my day and the radio in my bathroom is playing a nice rhythmic static. Mind you, it's very old and needs to be replaced, but a week before Christmas!! Come on, give me a break. A bit later I turn on the small TV in my bedroom to check out the awesome news of the day. No SOUND! Really, it's old and dying as well, but on the same day! OMG.

OK, let it go, no big deal. So my hubby, Betsy the blog dog and I head out for coffee. Yum, feeling better already. We make our stop at Jack in the Box for Joe and yikes, NO power! He and Betsy are devastated. We head home ... the garage door will not open .... we have no power .... I get out and try all the doors (5 of them) They are all locked, the house it secure. We sit in the car and brain storm. I decide to get out the extension ladder and climb up on the roof to access the sliding door that we can see is cracked open ... not a good plan. I get up there, the roof is wet and slippery and I'm wearing slippers! A perfect set up for me to slide off the roof. Back to the warm car to make a new plan. Hummmm, I think my office window is cracked open .... let's check, sure enough it is. 
After making a nice mess I make my way in through the Plantation Shutters,  TV, rolling filing cabinet and my office chair I'm in the house!! Success.
My access into the locked up home!

Now, I'm inside, I go let my hubby and puppy dog  in.  As I walk back inside guess what? Yep, the power came on! This has not been a good day and it's not even noon! 

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  1. Go back to BED!! It's raining outside and after your morning, you have NO business out and about this afternoon!!!! Hope thing have gotten better for you today! Love ya! Ralph